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Debugging PHPUnit and Behat with Zend_Debugger on PHPStorm

Debugging PHPUnit with Zend_Debugger (PHPStorm):

$ export QUERY_STRING="start_debug=1&debug_stop=1&debug_fastfile=1&use_remote=1&send_sess_end=1&debug_session_id=2000&debug_start_session=1&debug_port=10137&debug_host=<PHPStorm_IP_address>"
$ export PHP_IDE_CONFIG="serverName=<hostname>"

In your phpunit boostrap.php add:

Zend_Session::$_unitTestEnabled = true;

Mysql copying one table structure to another

Using the LIKE keyword with mysql CREATE TABLE you can easily copy the structure of a table.

mysql> CREATE TABLE new_table LIKE my_table;

This will create a table the "new_table" which will have exactly the same structure of "my_table".

Getting MYSQL table rows count while importing table

When importing a large table, the table is locked and it is not possible to use a "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Table;", to follow the import progress use:


mysql> use information_schema
mysql> SELECT TABLE_NAME, TABLE_ROWS FROM `information_schema`.`tables` WHERE `table_schema` = 'YOUR_DB_NAME';

To find out when the last insert happened use:

mysql> use information_schema
mysql> SELECT table_schema,table_name,max_time FROM information_schema.tables t1 JOIN   (select MAX(t2.create_time) AS max_time FROM    information_schema.tables t2 WHERE table_schema ='YOUR_DB_NAME') AS t3   ON t1.create_time = t3.max_time;

How to start estimating with Story Points

First estimations are estimations, and will always be just an estimation.

Using hours to estimate a work to do is very complicated and very subjective from person to person.

I instead use Relative Points, this is comparing the effort for finishing a feature based on past similar feature and give them Effort points that represent the effort to achieve them till done.

How to start:

Comparing two files on two remote Servers using SSH

To find out the difference between two files from two remote servers using SSH, e.g use:

diff <(ssh -A root@server_ip_1 'cat /etc/php5/cli/php.ini') <(ssh -A root@server_ip_2 'cat /etc/php5/cli/php.ini')

Note, you need to add your keys using ssh-add

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